Tomah mayoral candidate Kelsey knew he was a felon

In an article on News8000, it says that the Tomah mayoral candidate Le Roy Kelsey didn't know he had a felony on his record and that he thought it was a misdemeanor.

Well, I don't buy that for one second. He knew he was a convicted felon. You don't just think, oh, well hmm, I think that was dropped to a misdemeanor. He was playing the numbers and hoping that since it was so long ago (1990) and obviously not in the online court records system, that no one would realize it.

Is he a hunter? Has he been using a gun all these years too?
I mean really, people don't forget when they have a felony on their record, no matter how long ago it was.

What a crock, I think he should be taken out of the election for the whole deal.

Reference article -


If he is a citizen then he should be allowed to run. Telling people you want them to be a part of a community but you can't participate is foolish at best. Ban on running for office while on supervision or something. Once your debt has been paid it is foolish to keep punishing someone decades later. Hypocrites don't have a problem with that though. Just look at cops these days. Not to mention most elected officials all the way to the White House. The country is obviously not worried about crooks. They are the ones that get elected. Maybe letting a few felons run against the professional crooks will keep them honest?

I agree that anyone should be able to hold office, whether they have felony convictions or not, BUT, I think the point here is that he is saying he didn't know he was a felon. I agree that he did know.

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